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Are you looking for a super easy tool to take screen?

Get take screen Full Version Now.

The program allows you to capture virtually any object, window, menu on your screen, or record video of your desktop activity. Take screen is able to record all these movements allowing you to save them and play them back later on. The screen is printed when the print screen key is pressed. Take screen enables you to capture screen activity, and save it as AVI video or Bitmap images. Also included comes an FTP upload tool. You can move the cursor, launch a new program, type some text, click a few buttons, or select some menus. The program also makes it easy to email or print your screenshot(s) and includes some basic image modification tools to rotate, adjust brightness and more. This professional utility allows the creation of high-resolution printer based TIFF files for quality documentation. Very basic documentation included. Useful if all you need is a basic and speedy way to capture screen content. vista screen record can save images in PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF and JPG format. Additional features include integrated web search for captured text, rich text editing, custom menu items and more. The program includes several editing functions, allowing you to modify the captured image (or any other image), resize, rotate, crop, flip and adjust contrast, brightness etc. The program also supports capturing DirectX games, and you can define hotkeys for quick access. You can copy text onto the clipboard, launch your internet browser or email program for further editing, sum numbers, count a number of words/characters and more.The program supports BMP, JPG, TIFF,PNG and GIF formats, with user selected color depth and quality settings.

Supported image formats include BMP, GIF, PNG, and JPG (with variable quality compression). The program also includes a thumbnail feature that can automatically resize the capture and save it as thumbnail version instead. Take screen also opens image files and can scan and extract images from executables for viewing and editing. Screenshot Captor can save images in gif, png, jpg, tiff and other formats. All you have to do is drag and size the square with pixel accuracy to the area you want to capture, and press a button on the remote. Take screen is a screen recording software that enables you to capture desktop activity in real-time, like a movie, and then export it to Flash (FLV and SWF) or AVI file. You can enter a list of sites to scan and the program will capture each URL in the batch and save it as image file (JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF or BMP) to your computer. The program supports multiple monitors, transparent windows and capture of video playback. You can use screenshot capture as well for any "regular" screenshots, application interfaces etc. You can choose to record audio and optionally annotate a scene with various shapes or speech bubbles. The program can be useful if you need to copy an error message for a bug report or want to find out additional information via online search engines without having to manually type the text. Useul in preparation of software tutorials, presentations, demonstrations etc. Other features include automatic mouse-click highlighting, frame optimizations and several frame effects (zoom, fading). screenshot windows allows to capture and process images and text from any (even clipboard-unaware) application. The program can also create additional thumbnail images of the captured pages.

In addition to online pages. You can choose to record the entire screen or just a selected area, configure the recording quality and also the frame rate. Take screen Thumbnailer enables you to capture screenshots of websites or local HTML/MHTML files. Take screen is a tool for recording screen activity to an AVI video file. The captured screen can then be sent to the printer, or saved to disk as a file in 6 different graphics file formats (JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP,TGA and TIF) with optional drop shadow effects. Other features include one-click upload to YouTube and other video sharing sites, cursor highlighting and support for Vista Aero effects. The captures can be saved as BMP,JPG,GIF,PNG or TIFF. Intelligent Sizing makes great Web Graphics and Power Point images, and managing your graphics library is a breeze with features that let you print catalogs with 1-36 images and selected detail information for each one. It can automatically enhance the capture with a smooth drop shadow effect, add a watermark, change the coloring and optionally save as a new file or copy it to the clipboard. Other features include support for Vista Aero effects, image rotation, advanced auto-saving, image scaling, keyboard shortcuts and more. In addition, you can add custom text or the current date to the captured image. screen grabber is a simple utility that enables you to capture the text portions from many Windows dialog boxes. It supports capture of selected windows or desktop areas, as well as scrolling web pages and freestyle desktop regions. Additional features include automatic file name generation, XML transfer, edge effects, watermarks/annotations and more.

take screen records all screen activities, from the movement of the mouse, the processes of applications, keyboard input to the execution of any programs.

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