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How to create avi record form your avi record?

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Due to the usually large file size, the AVI video clips are mostly useful for offline usage (CDs, DVDs etc), rather than publishing on the web. You can also capture desktop activity to a video file (wmv) and record video playback from media players or streaming webcasts. Very few features, but extremely easy to use with support for the most popular image formats. The program uses Internet Explorer to load and capture the website in a hidden window and saves it to png, jpg, tiff, bmp or gif format. Avi record can be used to demonstrate and annotate features of a product or software, or for technical instructions. Avi record offers a follow the cursor feature that will stay within the user defined size, however pan the video to follows your cursor. Avi record allows to capture and process images and text from any (even clipboard-unaware) application. screen record capture allows you to capture a portion of the screen (any shape, any size), an individual window component, an entire window or a full screen. screen recorder download is a screen capture tool that offers some unique features in addition to the standard screenshot options. grab screen capture is a screen annotation and capture program that enables you to create enhanced screen captures, using various annotation styles to highlight or document selected details. video capturing software is a screen capture program that enables you to capture any part of your PC screen, even tricky items like tool tips, drop-down lists, screen savers, video displays and more. desktop capture is a simple screen capture program that can capture the entire desktop, and active window or a selected area and save the capture in JPG, PNG or BMP format. Capture from files (exe, dll, ani, cur, bmp, ico, icl), from the clipboard, include the cursor or not, or even another cursor. In addition to online pages. The program can limit recording to a selected window or a rectangle area on the screen.record from screen is not as sophisticated as the competition, but it costs a good deal less and produces very good results.

It offers a resizable, translucent capture area that can be moved and sized freely to capture the portions that you want to grab. Additional features include automatic file name generation, XML transfer, edge effects, watermarks/annotations and more. Additional features include image masking, arrow objects, image effects, and enhanced captions. Other features include timed capture, options to rotate, scale and crop the captured images. You can move the cursor, launch a new program, type some text, click a few buttons, or select some menus. The program can also integrate with Internet Explorer, adding several capture options to the right click menu. Additional features include enhanced mouse click effect, hotkey support, text overlay and more. Avi record supports GIF, PNG, BMP, JPEG, JPEG 2000 and TIFF formats. Avi record allows you to quickly capture screenshots including desktop, web pages, scrolling windows, application menus, DirectX, Direct3D mode games and more. Useful if all you need is a basic and speedy way to capture screen content. Automatic start options allow predefined settings, printing of up to 6 images per page, screen to printer color reassignment, time-stamps, user defined text, delayed captures, and programmable 1 key operation. It provides a resizable frame that can be dragged over the area to be captured, and the option to copy the snapshot to the clipboard, or save it as image file (jpg, gif, bmp, tiff, png). The program allows you to record a select area (indicated by an on-screen frame), the entire desktop or individual windows. You can choose to record the entire screen or just a selected area, configure the recording quality and also the frame rate. You can capture the entire desktop, or just a selected region.

It captures screens from standard desktop programs as well as those hard-to-grab DirectX, Direct3D, 3dfx Glide mode games. Avi record supports BMP, GIF and JPG. Avi record is a screen capture software that allows you to capture anything on your screen, including windows, objects, rectangle-selected regions, fix size regions, scrolling windows/web pages or the entire screen. screen capturing software is a screen capture tool, that allows you to capture screenshots of your desktop, windows, regions, application controls and more. The current version is mostly useful for emailing of screen captures, as it does not provide further control over output format(s). Useul in preparation of software tutorials, presentations, demonstrations etc. You can also darken or brighten selected areas of the capture, convert them to grayscale, clone portions of the desktop into other areas and more. The program allows you to define the capture area by size, or Windows object - however does not provide any on-screen guide during the recording. You can choose to record audio (speech and/or background music) while capturing frames, limit the recording time and choose to include or exclude the mouse cursor. It enables you to capture Windows, objects, selections or the entire desktop, and apply additional editing tools like resizing, sharpening, shapes, text, watermarks and more. The program is limited to JPG and BMP format. However the option to save as PDF file as well as the enhanced printer support are not often found in screen capture tools. Captures can optionally include the mouse cursor, or can be automatically send to MS Office applications. The hot key defaults to the PrintScreen key, but users may also define other keys to initiate a capture.

avi record can even automatically rename and resize the screenshot and save it to a folder of your choice.

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