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How to make screen capture selection form your screen capture selection?

You can use the screen capture selection to adjust the captured picture's brightness, contrast, color balance, size, color invert, or convert to grayscale or black and white.

Screen capture selection enables you to capture full size or thumbnail screenshots of webpages and save the resulting image in JPG, PNG, GIF or BMP format. It provides a resizable frame that can be dragged over the area to be captured, and the option to copy the snapshot to the clipboard, or save it as image file (jpg, gif, bmp, tiff, png). You can choose to capture the entire desktop, a specific window or a framed region, and also include sound from a microphone and even the video from an attached webcam as PIP image. It supports the capture of ActiveX, Flash, Java and Script content, as well as customizable image width and heights. It supports capture of dialog elements such as pull-down menus and tool bars, as well as delayed captures and batch conversion to JPEG. All you have to do is drag and size the square with pixel accuracy to the area you want to capture, and press a button on the remote. Screen capture selection is a tool for capturing any part of your screen. The tabbed interface allows you to work with multiple captures at the same time. The program is easy to use, you can pause/resume recording via keyboard hotkeys, and also adjust the frame rate to achiever higher or lower quality videos. The program runs in the system tray and screen captures can be triggered via keyboard shortcuts. All screen capture operations can alternatively be performed via keyboard hotkeys. Additional features include integrated web search for captured text, rich text editing, custom menu items and more. screen capturing software enables you to take screen captures of a website in it's entire length, scrolled from top to bottom. It allows you to draw directly on your desktop, use highlighters to mark text, add text, arrows and other shapes. auto screen record enables you to record screen activity into standard AVI or Flash video files.You can create screen shots from active windows, window objects, selected areas or the entire desktop and save them as bmp, png, gif or jpg files.

Screen capture selection allows you to capture, manage, manipulate, and print images, text and video. Other features include automatic mouse-click highlighting, frame optimizations and several frame effects (zoom, fading). Screen capture selection allows to to share snapshots of your desktop with other people via your web site. It supports hotkey capture, automatic file name generation and adjustable screenshot quality. Capture from files (exe, dll, ani, cur, bmp, ico, icl), from the clipboard, include the cursor or not, or even another cursor. The trial version adds large watermarks to the captures. Very basic documentation included. The program offers a unique interface with retracting toolbars and full-screen editing of your captures. The output can be save in Flash format or as AVI, using a codec and compression options of your choice. screen shot capture also includes a zoom feature that allows you to capture enlarged areas of the desktop as well as a simple color picker to capture the hex code of a selected screen color. screen capture program offers a nice array of features, unfortunately the images can only be saved to JPG, BMP or PNG, not to GIF format, which is still the most popular format for low color images on the web. record screen image is a full featured screen capture tool that captures images and video from menus, controls, single windows, overlapping multiple windows, rectangles, polygons, and ellipses from your desktop. Video is saved in AVI format, using a codec of your choice. Additional features include integrated FTP upload and support for layered windows. record print screen allows you to capture freehand, rectangle, entire window, objects or regions including windows application menus and more.

Screen capture selection is perfect for people that frequently capture applications or part of the screen, since it is completely transparent and does not take up any additional screen space. Screen capture selection allows you to quickly capture screenshots including desktop, web pages, scrolling windows, application menus, DirectX, Direct3D mode games and more. You can adjust the video quality settings to reduce file size, use custom cursors and more. Other features include multiple output formats, icon extraction, on-screen color picker, annotations, delayed captures and more. It can automatically enhance the capture with a smooth drop shadow effect, add a watermark, change the coloring and optionally save as a new file or copy it to the clipboard. Screen capture selection is able to record all these movements allowing you to save them and play them back later on. Your marked-up information will appear directly embedded (optional as attachment) in a new message. You can also capture desktop activity to a video file (wmv) and record video playback from media players or streaming webcasts. capture screen text is a simple and basic screen capture tool, that allows you to capture the entire desktop or a selected area. The program will capture mouse movements, clicks and even optional audio comments from your microphone. screenshot software supports all major graphic formats including BMP, JPEG, JPEG 2000, GIF, PNG, PCX, TIFF, WMF, ICO and TGA. screen shot software enables you to perform a variety of screen captures, from complete desktop to active Windows, selected areas and even dialog menus. The program is designed for tech support, software demonstrations and similar projects. Other features include support for page scrolling, customizable hotkeys and more.

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