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Want to make your own capture screen shots from capture screen shots?

You can use the capture screen shots to edit the movie, add annotations which allows users to create and edit movies of their own desktop activity.

In addition, it sends captures to clipboard, file, graphic editor, mail, ICQ, printer or even a fax. Capture screen shots allows you to quickly capture screenshots including desktop, web pages, scrolling windows, application menus, DirectX, Direct3D mode games and more. You can also capture sections of the desktop as image files. You can capture active windows, selected regions, fixed regions, or the entire desktop. The program is limited to JPG and BMP format. The screen is printed when the print screen key is pressed. You can capture the entire screen, a window, or any specified selection, and the save it in 23 file formats, print it or send it by email. You can choose to record audio (speech and/or background music) while capturing frames, limit the recording time and choose to include or exclude the mouse cursor. Capture screen shots is a simple screen capture tool, that allows you to capture any area on your screen. active screen capture is capable of capturing menus, the entire contents of scrolling windows (web pages), DirectX sources such as games and DOS screens, and desktop animations sequences. Additional features include integrated FTP upload and support for layered windows. You can capture cursor movements, menus selections, windows popping up and everything else you see on the screen.capture software also includes some basic editing functions and image resizing options.

Capture screen shots creates files that can be viewed, played and edited with most standard graphics and audio software. In addition, you can capture and resize those parts, measure lengths and angles and pick color values off the screen. Capture screen shots Express requires no-cost registration after 30 days to remove a trial watermark. It records all screen activities, from the movement of the mouse, the processes of applications, keyboard input to the execution of any programs. The program does not rely on any data communication scheme behind the scene. save screen capture supports capturing the entire screen, the active window, the client area or a specified rectangular selection with optional inclusion of the mouse cursor. You can add additional text messages, specify recipients and send the message on it's way. grab screen capture Pilot supports JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF and EMF formats, but does not offer GIF support. All you have to do is drag and size the square with pixel accuracy to the area you want to capture, and press a button on the remote. screen capture training is a small but powerful screen capture utility that can capture the entire desktop, the active window or custom areas on the screen and save the image to JPEG, GIF, BMP or PNG format. Then, with one button click, send this annotated information to your e-mail program.

The capture screen shots program also supports capturing DirectX games, and you can define hotkeys for quick access.

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