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How to make auto screen record form your auto screen record?

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Auto screen record allows you to quickly capture screenshots including desktop, web pages, scrolling windows, application menus, DirectX, Direct3D mode games and more. You can either capture the entire page (fully scrolled) in full size or tweak the browser window and resizing settings to create a thumbnail image of the site. The program takes periodic captures (every X seconds) and automatically uploads the snapshot to an FTP server of your choice. Auto screen record enables you to capture text from anywhere on the screen, even text where copy/paste is normally disabled as in message boxes, file lists and other Windows objects - if you can see it, you can copy it. The recordings can be organized in folders for easy reference. This professional utility allows the creation of high-resolution printer based TIFF files for quality documentation. The program is not as full featured as others, but allows you to quickly and easily create the most common screen captures with just a few clicks of your mouse. The program launches a custom, resizable browser window that allows you to capture pages with the click of a button. Flash 32 produces buttons, screen savers, animated cursors, wallpapers, desktop themes, windows logos and more. The screen captures can be saved to your computer or uploaded to your website via FTP. screen grabber can be used to demonstrate and annotate features of a product or software, or for technical instructions. You can also capture sections of the desktop as image files. Even though very easy to use, the program is also limited to manual area selection and cannot automatically capture the active Window, or client area as most other screen capture programs. It can automatically scroll your browser to capture entire web pages and capture images from DirectX surfaces, including those found in games and media player applications. The captured text can be automatically converted, printed, translated, send by email, and even spell-checked.In addition, the included scroll capture tool allows you to make screenshots of an entire web page (or other scrolling areas), even if it extends beyond the edges of your screen.

Auto screen record is a simple and basic screen capture tool, that allows you to capture the entire desktop or a selected area. All screen capture operations can alternatively be performed via keyboard hotkeys. Auto screen record clicks is a very easy-to-use and simple screen capture program. The program offers a unique interface with retracting toolbars and full-screen editing of your captures. Additional features include integrated FTP upload and support for layered windows. The capture can then be enhanced with several blur and shadow effects to emphasize parts of the capture, and you can also add a drop shadow to the entire image. for screen record allows you to view a magnified version of the extended area that is under your mouse cursor. screen capture animation Express requires no-cost registration after 30 days to remove a trial watermark. You can also darken or brighten selected areas of the capture, convert them to grayscale, clone portions of the desktop into other areas and more. The program does not rely on any data communication scheme behind the scene. The program allows you to define the capture area by size, or Windows object - however does not provide any on-screen guide during the recording. screen shot record is a screen capture program that provides an on-screen capture area with a small remote control style control panel. (Demo will add markings to captures). The program allows you to capture virtually any object, window, menu on your screen, or record video of your desktop activity.

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