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Create Your own avi screen capture form your avi screen capture

avi screen capture enables you to capture Windows, objects, selections or the entire desktop, and apply additional editing tools like resizing, sharpening, shapes, text, watermarks and more.

Avi screen capture supports capturing the entire screen, the active window, the client area or a specified rectangular selection with optional inclusion of the mouse cursor. Additional features include automatic image storage, thumbnail browser and more. Avi screen capture can save images in PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF and JPG format. You can capture the entire desktop, or just a selected region. Avi screen capture supports GIF, PNG, BMP, JPEG, JPEG 2000 and TIFF formats. The program supports full-screen capture as well as capture of specific regions. video capturing software is able to record all these movements allowing you to save them and play them back later on. You can choose to add a watermark by inserting a bitmap image (bmp) and select between several output formats (GIF, PNG, JPG, BMP, TIF). Additional features include integrated web search for captured text, rich text editing, custom menu items and more. record capture enables you to capture full size or thumbnail screenshots of webpages and save the resulting image in JPG, PNG, GIF or BMP format. The output can be save in Flash format or as AVI, using a codec and compression options of your choice. The screen record program image editor provides a variety of tools to add text, shapes, drop shadows, frames and other effects to your images.In addition, you can add custom text or the current date to the captured image.

Avi screen capture is a screen capture software that allows you to capture anything on your screen, including windows, objects, rectangle-selected regions, fix size regions, scrolling windows/web pages or the entire screen. All you have to do is drag and size the square with pixel accuracy to the area you want to capture, and press a button on the remote. Avi screen capture copies a bitmap to clipboard ready for pasting in your favorite Picture Editor. Avi screen capture enables you to record desktop activity and save the clip as AVI file, which can also be converted to Flash and MPEG 1/2/4 VCD/SVCD/DVD compatible formats. software screen is a small yet powerful program for taking scren captures of a desktop, an active window,menu, or a specified part of the screen. The program supports BMP, JPG, TIFF,PNG and GIF formats, with user selected color depth and quality settings. You can further edit the screenshots by adding text, shapes, arrows, highlights, and also freely rotate the image or apply several other effects. screen capture training creates files that can be viewed, played and edited with most standard graphics and audio software. Very few features, but extremely easy to use with support for the most popular image formats. screen capture professional is a tool for capturing any part of your screen. capture screen text Express requires no-cost registration after 30 days to remove a trial watermark. The screen is printed when the print screen key is pressed.

The program is easy to use, you can pause/resume recording via keyboard hotkeys, and also adjust the frame rate to achiever higher or lower quality videos. Avi screen capture can auto-scroll and capture long web pages and other documents, even capturing more than is visible on the screen. Additional features include image masking, arrow objects, image effects, and enhanced captions. Other features include timed capture, options to rotate, scale and crop the captured images. All screen capture operations can alternatively be performed via keyboard hotkeys. Avi screen capture is a compact and easy to use screen capture utility, that allows to to take screenshots of the current window, a rectangular area, or the entire desktop. The resulting image can be saved in popular formats, including GIF, JPG, and PNG and automatically be sent as email attachment. Avi screen capture also supports multiple monitors and will capture your full virtual desktop. dvd screen capture is a simple screen capture tool, that allows you to save screenshot in JPG format, or send them directly to the printer. Furthermore, the program also allows you to specify keywords or phrases that will exclude certain windows from capture, which is useful to avoid private information being captured. You can adjust the video quality settings to reduce file size, use custom cursors and more.

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