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Also included comes an FTP upload tool. You can also choose to only capture the client area or a selected rectangle - even including the mouse cursor (optional). The program is designed for tech support, software demonstrations and similar projects. Other features include multiple output formats, icon extraction, on-screen color picker, annotations, delayed captures and more. Captures can be saved in a wide variety of image formats (111 different, including jpeg, gif, tif, tga, eps, vrml, png, pcd, psd) You can even capture images from the Internet cache, from webcams all over the Internet. The program supports multiple monitors, transparent windows and capture of video playback. The screen capture features only offer full screen and active window capture and it lacks support for GIF images. You can create screen shots from active windows, window objects, selected areas or the entire desktop and save them as bmp, png, gif or jpg files. The program launches a custom, resizable browser window that allows you to capture pages with the click of a button. The program is easy to use, you can pause/resume recording via keyboard hotkeys, and also adjust the frame rate to achiever higher or lower quality videos. Screenhunter capture also supports multiple monitors and will capture your full virtual desktop. Screenhunter capture is not as sophisticated as the competition, but it costs a good deal less and produces very good results. Screenhunter capture is a screen capture utility that lets you capture your entire desktop, selected areas, regions or application windows and save the screenshot in GIF, JPG, BMP or ICO format.You can add additional text messages, specify recipients and send the message on it's way.

Additional features include support for hotkeys, basic image editing and filters, emailing captures and more. You can optionally include the current date and username, a note and choose to include or exclude the mouse pointer. The program can also integrate with Internet Explorer, adding several capture options to the right click menu. Screenhunter capture is a unique screen capture utility that allows you to capture portions of your desktop and automatically save the output to a file, copy it to the clipboard or send it to a printer. Screenhunter capture is screen capture application that includes an image editor and several on-screen measurement tools, including color picker, color palette, pixel ruler, protractor, crosshair and more. The captured text can be automatically converted, printed, translated, send by email, and even spell-checked. Due to the usually large file size, the AVI video clips are mostly useful for offline usage (CDs, DVDs etc), rather than publishing on the web. free screen record allows you to turn ordinary software product screenshots into cool looking 3D masterpieces. The capture can then be enhanced with several blur and shadow effects to emphasize parts of the capture, and you can also add a drop shadow to the entire image. scrolling screen capture allows you to create java based software demos that can be played in every modern browser. It can capture from any area on your desktop, using an adjustable, rectangular area, a window, or optionally the entire desktop. The program takes periodic captures (every X seconds) and automatically uploads the snapshot to an FTP server of your choice. screen capture tutorial is a tool for capturing any part of your screen.

You can capture the entire screen, a window, or any specified selection, and the save it in 23 file formats, print it or send it by email. In addition to standard captures, the program can also create GIF animations from a series of screenshots. The program can be useful if you need to copy an error message for a bug report or want to find out additional information via online search engines without having to manually type the text. Screenhunter capture is a powerful screen capture tool that comes complete with image editing tools. It provides a resizable frame that can be dragged over the area to be captured, and the option to copy the snapshot to the clipboard, or save it as image file (jpg, gif, bmp, tiff, png). It supports the capture of ActiveX, Flash, Java and Script content, as well as customizable image width and heights. You can adjust the perspective, direction, shadow, size and much more. Screenhunter capture is a simple screen capture program that can capture the entire desktop, and active window or a selected area and save the capture in JPG, PNG or BMP format. In addition, Screenhunter capture also includes a feature that allows you to e-mail the captured images automatically. save screen capture also includes a zoom feature that allows you to capture enlarged areas of the desktop as well as a simple color picker to capture the hex code of a selected screen color. It takes only screen capture app to start the program, capture an image anywhere on the screen and close the program. You can configure the program to operate with hotkeys, so screen captures can be done without opening the interface first.

You can use the screenhunter capture to adjust the captured picture's brightness, contrast, color balance, size, color invert, or convert to grayscale or black and white.

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