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How to capture rectangle with screen capture software?

Screen Capture Software

1. Click "Sharp" Button in tools bar.

2. Select the "Rectangle" mode. You can choice the Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon shape.

3. The tools bar will hide.

4. Click the screen to set first point.

5. Press shift button not release.

6. Click the screen to set second point.

7. The area will saved. You can click the output button to export.


Super Screen Capture - Great Screen Capture software

Super Screen Capture is a screen capture software, that allows you to capture screenshots of your desktop, windows, regions, application controls and more. The product works by capturing screenshots of your desktop (or an area) and then allows you to add comments and sound. Super Screen Capture does not only capture static screenshots, but also the movement of your mouse. Super Screen Capture is a unique tool that captures the action and sound from any part of Windows and saves it to standard AVI movie files. Super Screen Capture allows you to create java based software demos that can be played in every modern browser. Once you have completed a series of screenshots, they are seamlessly converted into an animated demo, that you can edit as you wish. Great for software demonstrations, online tutorials and more. You can capture cursor movements, menus selections, windows popping up and everything else you see on the screen. Super Screen Capture allows you to pan the recorded area around the screen and can also controlled remotely by automation client software. Useul in preparation of software tutorials, presentations, demonstrations etc. You can further edit the screenshots by adding text, shapes, arrows, highlights, and also freely rotate the image or apply several other effects. The result can be saved in GIF, JPG, PNG, TIF and some other formats.


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